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It’s Labor Day weekend, and there are Hatch Chiles for sale everywhere around here.  (About Hatch Chiles)  I ate another chile from my garden in this morning’s salsa eggs.  And I have a few more gorgeous chiles growing, but they’re green yet.  I’m generally a red chile person, but it was impossible to pass up the wonderful smell of the green Hatch chiles in the crates in the grocery store, or pass up the price.  And as I’m having to harvest my yellow tomatoes quickly to try and keep them out of the squirrels hands.  (Yes.  They can pick up my beautiful fist-sized deep summer golden heirloom tomatoes in their grubby, Hanta-virus-infested little feral fists.)  (Mark will not let me sic the cat on them.  Bastards.)

So.  Salsa.  Obviously.  Everybody has their own recipe here, and I don’t think I’ve really settled on one that I love so much that I would make gallons and can it for the year yet.  I got this basic one from Mary Paddock a few years ago, and what I did with it today made a very mild….very….green and fresh-feeling chile.  It might have been richer if I’d thrown in a tomatillo.

If there’s anyone out there reading, I’d love to know how you guys do your September salsas.  I’m not big into mangoes…done that, didn’t dig it.

(Hey, there’s a thought.  Maybe instead of growing zucchini next year, I’ll do some tomatillos and more peppers.  Definitely more peppers.)

source:  Mary Paddock

vegan, gluten –

  • 2 medium ripe tomatoes (I used 3)
  • 1/4 medium onion (I used a purple, because I love the snap of them)
  • 4 sprigs cilantro (or parsley) (Mark is not a fan of cilantro, but I am, and I made it my way this time because likely I will eat most of it.)
  • 2 cloves garlic (or 3)
  • 1 tsp garlic salt (pinch of plain salt…who needs more salt in their diet?)
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice (I added half of this, and regretted it….unless it’s there to preserve color, it distracts from the taste of sunny things for me)
  • 1 jalapeno (or a large chile.  Lots of room to be creative here. )

Mix.  Since I will probably be ladling this over my corn and bean salads that I’ve been eating at least every other day, I made this with me in mind, flavor-wise, but Mark’s tolerance heat-wise.  He’ll probably have some.  Because I will put it on his eggs in the morning, too.

It’s mild, but tastes like the sun, bright, gardeny.  I think I want something deeper and redder, though.  The yellow tomatoes are phenomenal, but when my garden chiles ripen to red, I will use those.  Anybody roast their chiles before making them into salsa?  I wonder what that would be like…


Some time last year, I was chatting with one of my patient’s relatives, who was an expert gardener.  A muckety-muck specifically in tomato circles.  (I didn’t know such things existed.  Now I do.)  My tomatoes have been hit and miss over the years, and sometimes I’ve been blaming the weather.  (Last year’s hail comes to mind.)  What he told me is that I should never take the tomatoes out until after Mother’s Day.  I didn’t start from seed this year, because I’ve been brokenhearted by that process (and annoyed at the expense/effort/yield ratio).  I went to Echter’s….and they don’t have the flavors I want, but I’ll bet I get good tomatoes this year.

It is the day after Mother’s Day.  And this is what I did: 

Four tomato plants:  Lemon Boy (because that lemon one Seed Savers does is the best tomato I’ve eaten in my life, and maybe this is close), La Roma, and Supersweet Beefsteak.  I got zip for tomatoes last year, so I’m banking on varieties that’ll grow, and put them in one of my best and newest, full sun beds.  I put them with three varieties of basil and a Greek oregano.

For the past two years, I’ve put herbs up on the deck and for the past few years they die of thirst and heat.  I know some will reseed and have runners and that may or may not work forever, but I’d like to not have to buy new herbs every stinkin year.  So I bought some of the most basic herb varieties and I’m putting them in the ground instead of pots this year.

I have no idea what I’ll do with the deck.  (That is so far the only photo I’ve gotten of Beau, the newest Jonjak, in focus.)  I’m going to see if the miniature bell pepper seeds from 2011 will sprout, but beyond that, I’m all ears as to ideas.  I may just need to go with cacti.  Twice a day watering when I do 12 hour shifts is not enough water.

I put pea seeds in, very late.  Detroit Dark Red beet seeds went in last week, so they got that rain.  Some chives for Chase, who says he’ll eat them.

There’s a sort of dilemma with the north end of the yard.  I planted several strawberries and two raspberry bushes three years ago.  We have gotten a few strawberries, and last year we didn’t get to them before the bunnies.  No raspberries yet.  It’s our third year, and we have raspberry bushes that could eat a small to medium sized rodent.

That, of course, was the plan.  Hints at flowers on it, so I am hopeful for fruit this year.  It would mean a lot to Mark.  The strawberry plants have sent runners all over the place, and there are strawberries that are now valiantly fighting the weeds off.  Also my plan.  I’m so excited to see it starting to work.  I don’t have a photo of the first strawberry of the season, because I put it in my mouth.  😀  Delicious.  I do have probably a few bowls of yet-unripened fruit yet.  The more we let the cats on the deck, I hope we can keep the damn squirrels and bunnies from my fruit.


In the newest bed, I put some sunflower seeds as well as four varieties of peppers:  Anaheim, Mariachi, Holy Mole and Lipstick.  Just to see which variety takes off.  Anaheims did well for me last year, Mariachis grew but didn’t fruit.  I also put in (and hope I don’t regret), common mint, a small common rosemary, lemon balm and English thyme.  I know the thyme and rosemary will become trees if I let them, and the mint could potentially eat the entire bed if I let it.  My evil plan is to have herbs all season (even when hot), and try to encourage the runners to go OUT of the garden and blot out the thistles.

I have the squash bed to go, which was tomatoes, carrots, peas “bed” (area, really) from last year.  It’s got thistles so thick in it, you need a machete.  It has carrots growing from last year that I didn’t find….and maybe a potato that came back.  Another day.  Maybe this weekend.

One area that is starting to look absolutely beautiful is the area under the steps, which is visible by the hottub.  The hostas came back even larger this year (planted 2011), and the hen and chicks are coming up strong.  Mark is cementing the steps, and that, with the mortared wall he did in 2010 (and added to a month ago), it’s beginning to look really gorgeous.

It looked lush and beautiful under there, no matter how hot it got last summer.  The plants are even stronger-looking this year.  It’s beautiful right next to the hot tub.


I found a lovely little grey cactus thing at Echter’s today and got it just because.  It might be well suited to the front yard, which also is desperate for attention.  But I like the look of it right where it is, in the sage green pot on the stone.  Mark is hoping to do the entire walkway, which is a massive undertaking.

It would really be nice if I felt good enough about the garden and deck area to host another shindig in June, for friends and family.  I’m also thinkin of hosting an Akea party, and it’d be nice to have that at least partly on the deck, too.  Our living room is too small for social space.  But the deck works very well for it.  Last summer, it was really cool to have my family go poke around my garden with me.


Last but not least, I give you a photo of my black-purple iris, which finally bloomed this year (its second).  It’s the kind of flower that deserves the word ‘lugubrious’.  (I can’t think of any other noun…no person, place or thing…worthy of an adjective like that.)  This is my lugubrious iris.  My little garden and I are not worthy of it.  But I will try.

p.s.  I walked very slowly through Echter’s not-for-dabblers rose collection today.  I stuck my face into several flowers and swooned a few times. Roses are my favorite flower to grow.  I didn’t buy today.  But I have more evil plans…