The finished blanket

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve been on a crochet kick.  I haven’t painted in years (and have no space anymore), and bookbinding hasn’t been touched in an equally long time.  The good camera needs a good cleaning, and the darkroom photography I did in college is a dead media that I am mourning…everybody with a phone is a photographer.  The quilt project I’ve got on the wall in the sewing room has progressed a little, but mostly I’ve been on a crochet kick.   The scolding of my professors of art that disdain craft still yell at me in my head, but their voices are faint anymore.

Bex and I went to my favorite yarn store the other week, and it was filled with busy women with their hands in yarn and needles.  It’s the cold weather front that moved it.  It’s the time of year to make warm things.  It’s in the air, which is crisp and tastes of apples.

Mark has told me that I make my quilts or crocheted blankets too small…they don’t quite cover his feet when he stretches out.  (Of course, he is taller than me…I suppose I stop crocheting when the blanket covers me.)  So I wanted to make something large enough to fit him, too.  This is a queen-sized blanket, and I finished it in 2 and 3/4 months.   It fits both of us comfortably.

I am calling it either The Confluence Blanket or Depression and Mostly Unemployment 2012.  Can’t decide.  Well, it just depends on the day.  It was started in late July, and finished today.  Made the final stitch this morning.

I needed this blanket.  I needed to be very busy while I was immobile, and I needed Rain Man like repetition.  I can make these rows with my eyes closed if I have to.  There were times I did.  One stitch, then another, then another, then another, then another, then another.

It is all done with either half double crochet or double crochet….I’m not sure which stitch that actually is that I made.  (No I don’t know why a half double crochet is not simply a single crochet, but those are different things.)  But at least it’s the SAME stitch.  There was a woman at the yarn shop that reassured me that the crochet police are likely to let it slide.

I chose colors of Utah, my happy place.

I got the border stitch from Robyn Chacula’s book’ Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia.  It’s an incredibly easy thing to do.  I like it okay…I’ll try something different next time.  I like the idea of HAVING a border, which I hadn’t done before, and the blanket does look more finished.

Chase modeled the blanket for size for me.  In this photo, the blanket on the right folded on the couch arm was made by my mother sometime in the 1970s (browns and yellows being the cool colors at the time).  (I just now realized hers has orange and so does mine.)  I stole her blanket from the house when I went off to college and have always loved it, and it was the blanket that gave me the idea that I could do this.

In the photo below, Beau is modeling the blanket with me. He LOVES being hugged and squeezed.  Really.  He’s just faking that he hates it in this photo.  He’s not whining at all.


Feels good to have this done….I start my new job Monday, and so I have a small sense of good riddance of some really profoundly awful months. On the upside, I have something pretty and warm to show for it.









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