Gramma’s house in summer smoothie

Posted: June 13, 2012 in vegan recipes

The last time I remember eating peaches was at my Gramma’s house.  I loved the week I spent with my grandparents.  I always went for “puppy season”….my grandparents were purebred laborador retriever breeders (a practice that, 25 years ago, is completely unlike puppy mills now…and Mark and I now would never adopt anything but a “used” animal now…)  Things were different, then though.  My grandparents had oodles of space, and every summer from the time I was 7 or 8, a free slave who would do a deep clean of the kennels….60some dog kennels.  I would exercise everybody and play with them, and when the puppy litters came, I helped with feeding and cleaning.  One year, we had three litters at a time…I ended up sleeping in my uncle’s bedroom, and one of the dogs was kept in her pen with her puppies with me.  It was heaven.  Puppy breath is one of the finest substances in the world.  I worked for that, and vanilla ice cream and fresh farmer peaches and blackberries (both still sun-warmed) off the vines growing wild along the fence.  That was heaven, too.

I got more fruit in my diet than the average American before I started taking Akea Essentials.  I ate oranges, because I like them.  And I have a killer pear salad that I make at least once a week.  I ate strawberries, raspberries, grape and the odd banana sometimes.  Most people on the Standard American Diet don’t get that.  Since starting to take Akea Essentials, I’m making a smoothie every day.  And I’m not just doing strawberries and bananas in o.j., either.  I’m trying lots of combinations of fruit, and different KINDS of fruit.  I have no idea what nutrients live in the skin of a ripe peach, but I’ll bet my body hasn’t seen it in 30 years.

It’s June, and the grocery store has an embarrassment of ripe fruit.  This one’s a hit….tart and sweet.  And if I warmed it in the sun and poured it over ice cream, I might sprout pigtails in bliss.

source:  my head

vegan, gluten –

  • white grape peach juice…Welch’s…(probably doesn’t matter what juice, organic peach is probably the best, but this is what our wallets could do)
  • a peach
  • a plum
  • some blackberries, frozen
  • 1 scoop Akea Essentials

Blend.  Mmmmm.

Since smoothies are not photogenic, here’s a photo I took today.  I did a 2.5 mile hike, 800 foot elevation change.  It’s getting hot, and this may be one of the last columbine of the season.


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