Hawaii afternoon smoothie

Posted: May 18, 2012 in vegan recipes
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Mark and I went to Hawaii in 2009, and it was an incredible trip.  We went snorkeling with manta rays in the ocean.  We ate pineapple every day.  We saw turtles, we got in the ocean every single day.  We drank wine, and the obligatory pina colada.  It was a heavenly week.

We’re under a lot of stress right now.  Kind of really a lot.  Kind of I’m trying not to let my husband’s head go all Linda Blair.  (Pea soup gets all over eeeeeverything.)  Most of it, unfortunately, I cannot fix.  I’m a nurse; this is hard for me because I fix things.

So.  I’m trying to keep our bodies healthy so that we can roll with the multiple punches.  I’m working more (because income is a helping) and as such, not having a lot of time to make fabulous meals.  We’re relying on some standbys that are simple and not blogworthy.  (Tonight:  bean and corn and salsa salad, with random veggies in a tortilla shell I “made”)

One thing that we are doing a lot more is fruit.  I’m eating three or four servings of fruit a day….and most days, different fruits.  I’ll have 1/2 banana most mornings in my smoothies, sometimes with another small serving of a different fruit:  any of four kinds of berries, or pineapple.  In the afternoon, I often have an apple.  And the past few nights, I eat half a pear in my standby dinner of pear-fig-goat cheese salad.  (And yeah, figs.)  I am craving fruit.  I hope it’s not too much sugar or something, but I keep wanting fruit.  A few days ago, I bought a MANGO at the grocery store.  I don’t buy mangoes.  I don’t like mangoes.  I mean.  I’m a Midwestern girl, and we just don’t do that kind of thing.

(And today?  I bought, get this:  an apple pear.  It’s not a pear, it’s not an apple….it’s…an apple pear.  Chaos, I tell you.  I have no idea what it tastes like, but I put it in my cart.  I plan to taste this and eat it.)

But my body acted of its own volition and made me buy a mango.  And I put all of this stuff together, and even just for a few minutes today, it tastes like a Hawaii afternoon.

source:  some limbic part of my brain

vegan, gluten –

  • a mango
  • a whole banana
  • a handful frozen pineapple
  • pineapple-orange juice (I meant to grab pineapple only)
  • 1 scoop Akea Essentials
  • some coconut flakes because.  why not?

It’s really freakin good.





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