3rd of July party menu

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, I sent my folks off to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, my honey off to buy more alcohol, and I’m home, preparing the feast.  It’s admittedly an unusual feast, because we’re vegetarians.  We are feeding as many as 20 (more likely 16) people:

13 adults (or 11)

7 kids (or 5)

And here’s what’s on for the menu:

  • grilled portobello mushroom caps  (16 caps)
  • grilled chicken or seitan skewers with onion and new potatoes  (4 chicken breasts, 4 seitan loaves, bag of new potatoes)
  • Spanish rice (2 c uncooked brown rice is a lot of servings)
  • cornbread with chipotle butter
  • grilled corn on the cob (20 cobs, will cut in half)
  • fruit and marshmallow salad (large bowl)
  • tabbouleh salad (large bowl)
  • bomb pops for dessert for kids (enough for 20)
  • amaretto peaches over grilled angel food cake, topped with honey cream, also dessert (enough for 20)

My mother doesn’t think it’s enough food.  I think she’s insane.  (“But you only got four chicken breasts for 20 people.”)  Yes.  It’s my party.  I’m not makin ribs.  I am guessing my guests would expect to eat some vegetables.

That’s not crazy is it?


  1. Hey, sounds wonderful! How did it go?

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