More young life in my garden

Posted: May 31, 2011 in gardening

A chunk of why I’ve been busy is I put a whole bunch of other stuff in the ground.  Some things are going well, some not so much.  I’ve got some successes so far, (other than that eye-popping sweetness of that sun-warmed strawberry).  Very excited to see the first beans and sunflowers.  I sowed several sunflower varieties, as I plan to harvest them for my wedding.  I planted Titan, Ring of Fire, Velvet Queen, Lemon Queen and something else I forgot.  I’m going to do Black-eyed Susans yet, and so the wild variety we have that overgrows the weeds and makes Mark crazy every year, too.

The potatoes are thriving, and the greens bed is doing pretty well.  The squash bed has sprouted 2 zucchini, 2 pumpkins, 1 pattypan, and 4 butternut squashes.  I also put in three spaghetti squashes.

The baby greens did okay through that hail storm and cold we had for two solid weeks, but they are very happy with the turn of warmer weather.  They’re ready for harvest, too.  Some of the butter heads are starting to look like actual heads of lettuce.  I should thin them for lunch today.  😀

And look at my gorgeous Fourth of July rose climber….it’s been in the ground a week, and it’s delighted with its new home.

Had some trouble in places, though.  The Joseph’s Coat climber HATES where it is.  I suspect it’s just too hot in its spot, and I’m not sure what to do with it.  It loved being on the deck in its pot, exploding with blooms….and the blooms are ALL wilty and dead, and I’m watering it a lot.  Undecided whether it’s worse to let it try to recover there, or risk another shock to put it in a different place (and where will I put it for that matter)….

The other trouble was we had a mid-day hail a few weeks ago, which killed all of my basil seedlings and half of my tomato younglings.  I put the tomatoes in the ground of those that survived, and I think two of them are likely dead now.  I suspect I have four tomatoes that’ll make it.  And three of them are Cherokee Purple Tomatoes.  Cherokee Purples are nice, but I really wanted different varieties this year.  I’m not ready to rip out the two mostly-deads yet, because I’m holding out hope for the German Pink and Lemon Drop.  No Isis Candy survived.  Dangit.

My mini-bell peppers also got hit, as did seedlings of every other pepper.  I bought Mariachi and Orange Bells, and put some in pots, and some Bells in the ground in various places to try different amounts of sunlight.  I plan to reseed mini-bells because they were sooooooooooooo good last year.

Some of the herbs are doing all right, some not so much.  The ones in plastic or even clay containers are faring better than those in coconut lining.  Lesson am learning, and will fix.  The parsley that spontaneously grew back in the greens bed is already being harvested, and Chase is eating it.  (He’s a weird child, did I mention that?)  I’ve got an Italian Flat Leaf variety out by the peas, too, that hasn’t settled yet, but is doing well so far.  I got some lemon verbena just for the lovely aroma…

Should have some peas soon, too.  The Tom Thumbs and the Amish Snaps are starting to have flowers.  Mmmmmm, snap peas. 


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