Sweet fried plantains

Posted: May 7, 2011 in gluten-free recipes, vegan recipes

I had a killer workout today (downloaded J. Lo’s new song, and I am not ashamed.  Okay, you can’t bother listening to lyrics or anything, but it’s awesome as workout music.  I pulled a hip muscle.  J. Lo’s two years older than me, but she’s had a personal trainer and/or dance troupe with her for her workouts for the past twenty years.  It takes obvious work to move like she does.  She could eat a plate of these with ice cream on top.  I am, however, not quite there at this time.

I’m making vegan Latin food this weekend out of Terry Hope Romero’s book.  Colorado has a good culture of Tex-Mex that can easily be made healthy and filling.  But Latin America isn’t just ‘Mexico’, and so Latin food has things in it like plantains that just never occur to me to cook with.  For that matter, the food I had in Mexico was fantastic and had little relationship to what I know as Tex-Mex.  We don’t have nopalitos in the grocer, and I wish we did.  Tomorrow’s dinner is Peruvian.

So.  In the heat of the day, I’m pausing in garden work to bring you fried sweet plantains.  Muy fantastico!

source:  Terry Hope Romero, Viva Vegan!

vegan, – gluten +++fat

  • ripe plantains (one per serving)
  • vegetable oil for frying (I used canola)
  • lime juice or salt (skipped it)

Pour enough oil into your skillet to make it 1/4″ deep.  (I know, right?)  Romero says, “The idea is to pan-fry, not deep-fry, the plantains.”  Peel your plantains.  Slice either diagonally or lengthwise, depending on how you want to present your plantains.  Gently lower plantains into oil, without crowding them.  When they begin to carmelize, flip them.  I used tongs.  Cooking them like this should take 10 to 14 minutes (and mine took maybe 5.)  Drain on a paper towel and serve.

I took a picture of my ripe plantains.  Natural Grocers had these in their produce section.  I looked at them a bit and some other shopper noticed me eyeing them suspiciously.  He said, “Ever had fried plantains?”  I said, “That’s actually what I was standing her considering.  I can’t tell a plantain from a dead banana.”  “OHHHH!  Fried plantains are soooo good!  Those are plantains.  The shape’s slightly different.  You should definitely try it.”

So the plantains hopped into my bag.  They didn’t look like much, I tellya.  But, once cooked, MMMMMMMMM!


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