May means lilacs!

Posted: May 6, 2011 in gardening

Hi all.  Sorry for the hiatus.  I spent my two days off so far this week doing a full solid day of gardening (photos will follow).  I’ve got seedlings into bigger pots….herbs out onto the deck….shady plant ground cover for under the deck….and a spot cleared and waiting for a new bed that I sorta realized I “needed”.  (I love you, honey) 😀

I’ve also got four rosebushes ready to go….two into huge pots out front, two somewhere out back (climbers).  I LOVE to grow roses. 

The other day was devoted to wedding invitations.  Which I goofed up and must re-do. 

So, I’ve got two days off coming, with lots of stuff planed.  In addition to Mother’s Day with Mark’s Mom…(I’m calling mine as she lives 900 miles away….sent Edible Arrangement “flowers”), kiddo’s flag football game and a mystery 3rd anniversary date Saturday….

I’m planning on making:  Cilantro-Citrus Vinaigrette for Black Bean & Corn Salad, Fried (or more likely, Roast) Plantains, and (I’m going waaaaaaay granola here), Red Seitan for Sunday’s Peruvian Seitan and Potato Skewers.  All recipes by Terry Hope Romero.  I’m telling you this because now I’m accountable for photos of it.  😀

Roses will go in the ground, landscaping to do under the deck, two plots to dig, and Shanmon the bicycle is howling for attention.  (Oh, and those invitations….)  And blogging the photos.  There’s more than 48 hours’ worth of stuff there.  But I’ll give it a try.

At very least, I promise to post photos of the lilac bush in the front yard, which started to bloom this week.  Lilacs are my favorite flower.  Ever.  And the best part of our house is that there’s a huge old lilac bush right in front.  Love it.


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