Posted: April 25, 2011 in gardening

No cooking plans today, as we have enough leftover risotto to feed us for a week.  (Next time, using wine instead of vermouth…vermouth okay, but I can taste it.)

Instead, today’s post is all about the garden.  It’s been snowing on and off all week, but my plants are happy about it!  These photos are not of just dirt!  The beets have finally sprouted!  I put more seeds in, on Bex’s suggestion on Saturday, to have a couple crops.

I’ve got a carrot poking up, too, a Paris Market variety, I think.  (They’re supposed to be short and squat.  Can’t wait to see them.)  I’ve got berries goin, too.  Many of my strawberries have flowers this year, and it looks as if the raspberry plant that hasn’t given us a thing for three years might be sort of trying to grow a berry on it.  Mark gets the raspberry if it grows….the only thing he’s ever asked of the garden is raspberries.

This year, we’re having a proper spring.  A really great spring.  It’s coldish, and we’re havin frequent snow, but this is Colorado, where there’s more in April than in December.  Gorgeous snow up at the ranchhouse yesterday for Easter dinner.  We had an Easter egg hunt, ate some food, killed a couple of winebottles, played some goofy game.  The kids (Chase, cousins Liz, age 11 3/4, Colton, age 10) had so much candy on the front room floor that you had to be careful where you stepped.  Was cool to see them running around barefoot on the snowy deck.  (Will get Mark to put photos in one of our FB’s.)  Only in Colorado.   Was fun.  It’s a really, really good spring.


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