Roasted pear salad, with the photo

Posted: April 15, 2011 in gluten-free recipes, vegan recipes

My photos on this site would never lead you to believe that I have a BFA in painting and photography.  I’m using a snapshot digital camera, which doesn’t do as well as I’d like.  Did get a photo of the Roasted Pear Salad, however, before we snarfed it down.

I made tonight’s version a little differently.  I had a smaller pear, which fit into the large muffin tins, and roasting the pear with a little oil first did seem to help matters.

p.s.  (That is not, of course, my ‘beer’.)

  1. It’s funny that you say no one would believe you have a BFA in photography if they looked at this site, because I feel the same way sometimes about my site. The thing is – and since we were in some of the same classes for a while you know exactly who taught us this – it may be BECAUSE we studied it that we don’t have fancy photographs on our site. We understand that being behind a camera and waiting for – or manipulating to achieve – exactly the right moment takes away from the spontaneity and fun, and it also puts a distance between us and what we are doing (which becomes “subject matter” instead of simply our lives). I made a decision a while back that I would rather enjoy myself than have the best photographs. Because when I look back at it, I would rather have lived well than blogged perfectly. 🙂

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