My August caprese salad, in April

Posted: April 15, 2011 in gardening

I don’t know if I mentioned that I’ve got a garden.  I hate to weed, but I sure do love sugar snap peas, warm in the sun and right off the plant.  Last year, we ate all but a few zucchinis and cucumbers (which we just had to give away) that we grew.  Okay, we didn’t eat much of the chard.  (I am trying to love chard.  It’s very pretty in the garden.)  And okay, and that dill plant was out of control….but we sure did eat a lot of it!

Whereas assembling food has not been a consistent thing in my life, gardening has been much more so.  The garden was a chore when I was a kid, but I was sooooo proud of my pumpkins.  Dorm life set growing things back, but in the first year out of the dorm, I grew things.  Kelly and I lived in this scheisshole in Rogers Park.  We had fantastic plans, and sprouted broccoli and beans and carrots.  We planted them in May, only to have the landlady rip them out in lieu of pansies.  Pansies.  Pansies.  My first basement apartment was full of shade-tolerant greens and this awesome fig plant.  When I lived at I25 and Iowa Avenue, I had an elaborate rose and wildflower garden on my balcony, gorgeous.

I took over Mark’s yard long before I moved in.  You’d think the yard would belong to the kiddo, but he’d rather be inside playing computer games.  When you throw him outside, he plays basketball in the driveway.  He doesn’t know this, only suspects, but that swingset is going to be my squash bed. He likes snap peas, too.  So it’s all good.

This is what’s upstairs in my sewing room, 72 seeds.  (I tried not to get carried away with the number of pepper varieties…honest.)  Outside, there are other things happening.  Yes, it snowed yesterday.  But it wasn’t a very cold snow, and I had put stuff in that can handle that sort of thing (I think).  The greens are starting to poke out of the ground.  No beets yet.  ( :O )

Raspberries put in three years ago have yet to produce a single berry, but are growing well, as are the strawberries.  And the peas are pokin up from the ground.  Carrots and potatoes got direct-seeded last week.

These are my veggies right now.  Grow little seedlings, grow!


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