Rockin sweet vegetable home fries

Posted: April 8, 2011 in gluten-free recipes, vegan recipes
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My grocery store’s produce section is arranged by popularity, which is very logical.  The first table is full of strawberries, all cute and perfectly red with not a speck of dirt on them.  Behind them is the tomato table.  You can have your plain, hydroponically grown tomatoes, or ‘vine-grown’ tomatoes (as opposed to tomatoes that do not grow on vines).  (Who doesn’t think of that stuff?)   There’s also a small tray of tomatillos, cute green fruit tucked inside their husks.   They put pretty basil plants in pots here, and trays of garlic and shallots.

Then, table of organic apples.  To the right and further in, you get your squashes….then the onion table, which is kindof a papery mess.  And then the tubers table, all the boring brownish rustish colored roots.  (For twice as much, you can buy your potato already wrapped in plastic wrap.  Who is that stupid?)

The back wall is refrigerated, and in the center are the healthy dinner greens.  (The iceberg lettuce that is sold for 4 bucks in bags is to the left.  Who buys that crap?)  The peppers in all their glorious shapes and colors are right out front.  (This is Colorado.  We eat peppers.)  Cilantro’s above it, which makes sense.

Further on is your average vegetables, by kickball-choosing rank:  carrots, your broccoli, asparagus.  Eggplant, then beets.  Then you start to get your napa cabbage-type stuff.  Ginger.  Horseradish root.  Your bitter greens, like your mustard greens.  Kale.  (Kale is after mustard greens, which is only eaten by iguanas and other reptiles, which means kale is nasty and not for human consumption.)  The very last vegetable in the aisle is brussels sprouts.  Which makes me sad for it.  I imagine the sprouts are happy when I buy them, because it’s lonely and they wear thick glasses and everybody knows who’s gonna be hit with that damn ball first.  I know.  I really know.  When I picked up my brussels sprouts for the recipe last week (killer leftovers, btw), I noticed a lowly root beside them.

The second to least popular vegetable is the noble parsnip.

To my knowledge, I’ve eaten one parsnip in my life.  In homemade veggie stock.  Because I figured it might have a nutrient that my body had never seen before.

So I did that whole windup because if I’d titled this post ‘parsnip chips’, like the recipe states, would you have read any further?  No.  You would not have.  You would have thought I’d gone mental, stopped shaving my legs, built myself a yurt deep in the Rockies, bought some goats and chickens and started embarking on a pure, holier than thou, utterly flavorless existence.  Making homemade patchouli to sell at the Renaissance Faire and on Boulder Mall.  Yes you would have.

source:  Veganomicon, Moskowitz & Romero

vegan, -gluten

  • 1 lb parsnips  I bought two parsnips, because this was an experiment
  • 2 tsp peanut oil

Preheat oven 400deg.  Peel parsnips, and slice into fry shapes, 1/4″ works best.  Line them in a single layer on baking sheet, drizzle with oil.   Toss around.  Bake 15 minutes, flip with tongs, then add’l 15 minutes.  The parsnips should be flecked with black and dark brown.  Sprinkle with salt and serve.

They’re very sweet.  I went a little too heavy with the peanut oil.  2 tsp is really what you need.

BTW, that’s Insatiable’s 08 petite syrah.  Decent syrah table wine, not expensive.  The fries are sweeter than the wine.  (When I’m home and pick the wine first, I open the syrahs.  :D)

  1. I have to try this. We love parsnips. But we also like kale – or at least I do – so what the hell do I know?? 🙂

  2. msmsh42 says:

    You may be right, Square. At some point, I’ll be a grownup and try kale. 😀 Thanks for stoppin.

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